An adventure game ‘TurgorQuest’

Play or download the game.

TurgorQuest is a PC adventure game based on “The Void” universe. Created as a fan project in Unity at 2016.


It’s a story about The Void collapsing, exhausted by its inhabitants, where takes place an adventure of the Lost Soul, tormented by hunger, driven by Nameless Sister to the last Source in hope of salvation.

  • 15 minutes of point-n-click gameplay;
  • 3 locations drawn with love;
  • Meet original game characters;
  • Some humor – checked.


  • To design and develop completed game from scratch (from the existing Ice-Pick Lodge concept, to be clear);
  • To learn Unity 2d features and make a pipeline that fits my needs;
  • To make the old dream of creating my own adventure game come true, not without that.

Let’s Play

Here are some walkthroughs commented in English, German and Russian.