Completed environment piece in 10 days

What I’ve got after 10 days is a kind of three dimensional atmospheric sketch instead of completed piece of environment. So I made a cinematic short based on it.


Objectives I reached

  • To make standalone environment from scratch;
  • To complete the project within 10 days following the schedule;
  • To make apropriate environment storytelling and atmosphere in general.

What I failed

  • I ended up with rough shapes and textures. No details placed that makes environment interesting.

The schedule of development process

Day 1: The concept
Day 2: Blocking out level
Day 3-5: Refining and modeling
Day 6-7: Texturing
Day 8-9: Lighting, FX, polishing
Day 10: Release

Forgotten cabin in the woods wrapped by a massive tree.

Main character found human bones in the basement where the family was trapped in the struggle against the tree that attacked the cabin.

Foggy morning. Diffuse ambient lighting, desaturated sun beams appear through branches. Colors are from cold blue to pale yellow. The environment feels like being frozen in time and out of place. Early autumn. Rare sounds of wind moving leafs and trees creeks through the silence. Dust and the roots rule inside the cabin.
Extra: Night. Deep blue to swarm green colors. Evil awakens – moving roots are everywhere.

Memorable features
Look of the old cabin strongly tangled by the massive tree.
Feeling of unrevealed and lost in time tragedy. Mystical touches at the start of the exploration turning to horror at the outcome.

Initial scheme





Final shots