Level prototype for FPS

The level created within 3 days based on specific concept and initial gameplay conditions. Built with modular pieces and blocked out props in Unity at 2017.

Download the project

Development process


Enemy’s Lair is a place, where bandits can rest after doing raids and prepare for the next ones. The place where a porterhouse, black markets, vehicles, stores and repair pits would fit. Atmosphere could be described as “calm before the storm”.

Design of the battlefield (green – the player, spawn – friendly forces, red – foes, yellow – covers):

The idea was to design a firefight against bandits with two allies on the player’s side. Spawn points include kamikazes, gunners, fighters on the truck and a sniper.

Used asset pack:

I designed a level with basic structures and dressing passes. Baked lights. No textures.

Shot from the prototyped level:

Finally I created some documentation that includes the list of custom assets, gameplay schemes and walkthroughs.